Every day I go out to explore and discover the world around me; there I find inspiration in fragments of nature that I bring back to my studio where I combine the childlike delight of being outside into dialogue with formalism. I sketch these fragments, pare them down into minimal shapes then balance them within the canvas. Through painting, I restore a quality of unity to these fragments. It’s a meditative process that I also view as life’s goal: achieving wholeness.

The process of painting is a paradox for me: it’s at once absolutely freeing and at the same time constrained by the four corners and flatness of the canvas. The freedom of painting is expressed through my bold, irreverent color choices. This, too, is part of the discovery of nature and the pleasure of my process. I build palettes derived from nature and from my own studies of color. Here, chance and games are at play–tarot cards or the flip of a coin–help make the final determinations.