Inertia is nature’s enemy. Without movement, dynamism, or change, nature becomes nothing. In actively seeking and discovering motion of the biosphere, Ingrid Ludt channels its vibrations into painted and sculpted gestures. Her specific interest in the individual rock samples and conglomerate forms near her childhood home in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York are realized through experimentations with geometric shapes and silhouettes, which appear as fractured bursts of linear motion. Each composition is contained within a fixed area, using the dimensions of the ceremonial mandala both as a system of measurement and an inquiry into harmonies beyond physical limits. Ludt’s linear networks of volcanic formations and heavy, crystallized bursts of earth reflect not only a respectful fascination with geological processes and oddities, but an understanding of how these elements build the shifting world we live in.
Ingrid Ludt was born in Auburn, New York in 1970. She received her BFA (Honors) at the Rochester Institute of Technology (New York) and her MFA at the University of Albany SUNY (New York). Solo exhibitions have been staged at venues in New York, New Orleans, and Massachusetts. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at the Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art (New York), the University Art Museum at SUNY Albany (New York), the Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL), the Contemporary Arts Center (North Adams, MA), James Cohan Gallery (New York) and Claire Oliver Gallery (New York). She has served as a guest lecturer at Middlebury College (Vermont) and Berkshire Community College (Massachusetts), and an Adjunct Professor of Intermediate and Advanced Drawing at SUNY Albany. Ludt is a three-time recipient of the SOS Stipend grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts, a Fellowship from the Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL), and has been a resident at the Viewing Program at The Drawing Center (New York), the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony (Temecula, CA), and the Foundry for Art, Design, and Culture (Cohoes, NY). Ludt lives and works in Sherborn, MA.